Vincent Jarasse

Vincent Jarasse

MSc Machine Learning at Imperial College London

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About Me

I am a taught postgraduate student in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Imperial College London, and a student of the French engineering school Telecom Paris. My interest lies in machine learning models and deep learning applications in the fields of robotics and NLP.

Apart from my studies, I enjoy practicing sports, especially rowing with Imperial College Boat Club.

Work Experience

Cybersecurity & Digital Trust Consultant - Wise Partners (Aug. 2017 - Jul. 2018)

With clients operating in a variety of areas, from national public transport to retail and energy, this consulting experience provided me with a valuable insight on the industry's IT system organisation. I had the opportunity to progress on multinational environments, strengthening both my project management and communication skills.

Latest Projects

LANL kaggle challenge

Kaggle: LANL Earthquake Prediction

In this competition, we have predicted the time remaining before laboratory earthquakes occur from real-time seismic data. The feature extraction, the tuning of XBG, LBG and a fully connected neural network and the combination of the three models have ranked us in the top 29%.

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Offensval challenge

Offensive language detection in tweets using deep learning

This challenge, hosted by Codalab, consists of 3 steps. First, classify a tweet as being offensive or not. If it is, classify if it is directed towards somebody or not. Finally if it is, classify whether it is towards a single individual, a group of individuals or an organisation.

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